AfroCubanDanceFestival in Havana Easter 2019

AfroCubanDanceFestival in Havana Easter 2019

19 Apr 10:30 - 23 Apr 16:30 - Centro Habana
Teatro América


Easter 2019 Afro-Cuban Dance Festival

**We offer you a new and attractive booking and registration method**

Translation in Spanish below

Our program

5 DAYS INTENSIVE dance and holiday workshops in Havana, Cuba

For 5 days, you will have theoretical, visual and practical lessons to help understand the cultural location of Afro-Cuban dances. @ theatre "America"

We have a varied program developed to improve your general understanding and your ability in Cuban dance, which includes:

LIVE MUSIC accompanying the following rhythms and styles: Batá, Güiro, Rumba, Bantú, Yoruba, Arará, Güiro, Haitian Dances, Iyesá.

All classes led by the Maestro and Choreographer Domingo Pau and assisted by Dancers and professors of the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba, Grupo Folklorico Alafia among others.

Help with translation can be provided (English, French, Italian)

CONCERTS OF RUMBA: Although things can change here, we probably see Timbalaye, Osain del Monte, Ronal with Coneccion Rumbera and Yoruba Andabo
Note: only 1 concert is included in the program, although we actually saw all the groups in 2017 and we highly recommend them. We can help you choose which or arrange additional nights for you.

PARTY in an authentic Cuban location, Pogolotti - (see photos and video in the promotional presentation of the event)
Our party includes live music with Rumba, Salsa, Dj, Cuban Caldoza, Roasted Lechón, rum and maybe more. Be careful how you drink at this party. Some students commented on tonight
"Incredible, completely different, privileged to get this experience"

DINNER WELCOME TO THE GROUP on the first night - good food, central location, good wine, air conditioning! This is meant to help break the ice for those who travel alone and helps us put names to faces.

SALSA NIGHT - Optional - not included in the program. The emphasis of the event is Afro-Cuban and Salsa is danced in all other events, so we have added the party and the dinner, and we have left the Salsa for your choice. Note: Anyone who wants to go dancing Salsa can advise him and help him to arrive.

ACCOMMODATION Our workshop is located in the heart of Havana, where you can simply visit on foot and enjoy tourist and cultural places. If you need recommendations, we have a team that can help with all the logistics so that you can organize the accommodation that suits your needs.

We offer you a dance meeting like no other. Examining many dances that helped to create the popular Cuban technique of Salsa and La Rumba popular today.

When you return from these dance holidays, you will feel more confident and confident, full of energy with unforgettable memories.

Contact us to ** RESERVE YOUR PLACE ** and get your discount /

Price of the event
£ 315 / € 360
*** Price of the event with DISCOUNT ***
If you book before January 1!
£ 270 / € 310
8 months of payment from May to December 2018 through direct debit of a total of 33.75 per month.

**RELAX **
"OPTIONAL" After the workshop 3 days of rest, relaxation, in houses - villa on the beach - dance class of 1 hour a day, parties and nocturnal activities in Guanabo Beach where the Havana speaks of the city! We also organize beach training during these days.

Price of the event and stay at the beach with the discount booking before January 1 £ 410 / € 450

We also booked a direct round-trip flight for £ 380 this year, which should be available again in May 2018. Let us know if you want this flight. (OPTIONAL)
Cuba Cuba Cuba 2019, let's do it!

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